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TISC is the waterfront's best kept secret!

Away Groups are up again & raring to serve you .    You can use the Away groups again, everybody.  They were sick for awhile.  The password for shorecaptain@torontosailing.com is back to it's original one.

Bring Your Bug Spray

You've probably heard that regular mosquito testing has turned up 3 instances of these pest who carry the West Nile virus.  Sounds scary, but don't forget that's 3 out of thousands tested.  And even if you do get the virus, your chances of any severe symptoms is one in a million.  Many bites don't result in any symptoms. Those that do are usually like a mild 2-day flu.  

But who needs the hassle?  Use a bug repellant that contains DEET.  Wear light coloured clothing with long sleeves if you can.  Those little devils love black and dark colours.  Thank goodness our wetsuits are too thick for a mosquito to penetrate.

Spend your summer with TISC!

If you want to sail without the expense and hassle of owning your own boat, then TISC is the place for you! 

TISC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit sailing club on Centre Island, just minutes from the downtown core. With its stunning views of Toronto’s skyline and quiet woodland setting, TISC has flourished for fifty years as a one-of-a-kind community club

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There's something for you at TISC!

As a TISC member, you'll have access to our fleet of Albacore sailboats, Lasers, and Hobie Catamarans - and our spectacularly located clubhouse

Between our unique Social Sailing, Learn to sail (education) and racing programs, and our social events, TISC has something for sailors at any skill level.

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